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Our free services

Telephone consultation on all matters relating to the preservation and restoration of vintage cars

In-person consultation and inspection of your car at Vintage Car Restoration Workshop (lasts approximately one hour; please phone ahead for an appointment)

•    Visual inspection of the car on the hydraulic car ramp
•    Assessment of the condition of the technology and car body
•    Inspection of selected weak points in car body cavities through endoscopic examination
•    Evaluation of paintwork quality by taking random measurements of the thickness of the paint
•    Recommendations on measures to protect against corrosion and achieve lasting preservation of your vintage car

Other services available for your vintage car


You are looking for a safe way to get your vintage car to us for a consultation or repair? Take advantage of our collection and delivery service, which is specialised in transporting vintage cars – at cost price. If necessary, an enclosed transporter is available. 

Evaluations and appraisals

Due to our decades of experience and our specialist expertise in the rebuilding of vintage car bodies, we are often asked to provide expert opinions. You can contact us directly or through your insurance company for

•    overall assessments of vintage cars
•    expert appraisals of current market value
•    detailed estimates of the cost of repair work for insurance companies
•    certificates attesting to a vintage car’s value and condition

Photo documentation

Whenever we begin repair or restoration work on a vehicle, we carry out a detailed endoscopic examination. This examination is fully documented, as are all subsequent stages of the work. After completion, we will be glad to provide you with this documentation on a CD and as a photo book if you wish.

360° Accident Repair Service
for Vintage Cars

Repair work and insurance coordination under one roof

  1. Comprehensive initial consultation
  2. Cost approval from the insurer
  3. Repair of your vintage car
  4. Handing over and billing