Perfection for all the Senses


A drive in a vintage Mercedes-Benz is as moving as a beautifully performed symphony – the perfect interplay of every individual detail. Technology that set new standards in its time, and still excites us today. From the gentle adagio of the automatic transmission, to the legato of the air suspension, to the powerful drum stroke of the driver’s door falling shut. All combined within a flawless exterior that makes our hearts beat a little faster.

In our open, light-filled Mercedes-Benz Vintage Car Restoration Workshop, we are masters at orchestrating this unique automotive symphony. With perfect pitch trained over the course of decades, the highest precision in our craftsmanship, and tireless dedication to preserving this one-of-a-kind driving experience.

Überholung von Fahrwerk, Motor und Getriebe

Overhaul of the engine, transmission and suspension

The true beauty of a vintage Mercedes-Benz lies hidden deep inside: in its sophisticated technology. Maintaining and repairing this technology requires not only decades of experience, but also a deep understanding of how the individual components function and are interconnected. Learn more

Originalegetreue Herstellung von Karosserie-und-Lack

Authentic reproduction of historic car bodies and frames

In our own workshop, using hand crafting techniques and working to the highest level of precision, we reproduce parts and components that are no longer available. Our coachbuilders are virtuosos of this highly demanding craft and can reproduce any form, no matter how complex, creating a faithful replica of the original.
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Korrosionsschutz für die Ewigkeit

Lifelong anti-corrosion protection

With a combination of oils and waxes which is specially designed for your vehicle, we provide your valuable vintage car with long-lasting protection against corrosion. We seal newly reproduced bodywork with our patented Oldtimer-Ro-Dip process, the best anti-corrosion protection worldwide for vintage bodywork.
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