Excellence in Form and Colour


Finest hand craftsmanship and innovative technologies

Every vintage Mercedes-Benz has its own very unique history. Preserving that history is our goal. With our team’s special expertise in restoring historic car bodies, SCHAD Originale is one of the most widely recognised restoration specialists for Mercedes-Benz vintage and classic cars in Europe.


Originalgetreue Wiederherstellung Mercedes-Karosserie

Authentic reproduction of historic car bodies and chassis

In our own workshop, using hand crafting and working to the highest level of precision, our virtuoso coachbuilders reproduce parts and components that are no longer available. They have decades of experience in this very demanding craft. True experts at what they do, they are able to reproduce any form, no matter how complex, as a faithful replica of the original.

Reproduction of historical paints

When it comes to your vintage car’s paintwork, we perform every task with the same care and precision that we bring to our restoration work on vintage car bodies. In our own paint shop, we create and perfect the paint composition until we have found just the right colour, and even reproduce historical paints.

Bodywork in perfection

In our Vintage Car Restoration Workshop we restore and preserve automotive legends for ever.

The Best Anti-Corrosion Protection for Vintage Cars Worldwide: Our Patented Oldtimer-Ro-Dip Process

Preserve the beauty of your flawlessly restored vintage Mercedes-Benz for future generations with our lifelong anti-corrosion protection.

At SCHAD Originale, after decades of research, we developed a proprietary method – the only one of its kind worldwide – that enables us to provide vintage car bodies with lifelong protection against rust. Guaranteed.

Oldtimer-Ro-Dip cathodic dip coating

This unique anti-corrosion protection is achieved by combining two processes:

1. Cathodic dip coating

The basis is cathodic dip coating, a standardised industrial process which is a widely used, proven method of protecting metals against corrosion. The car body is mounted in a frame which is moved along via an overhead conveyor system that enables the body to be dipped in a series of basins, each containing a specific chemical. The coating thus applied is then fixed by heating it at temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius.

2. Rotation

Even with a number of holes drilled into the body beforehand, bubbles can form during dipping, with the risk that corrosion will set in at these points later on. To ensure that the coating penetrates smoothly into every angle and cavity, we developed a rotation method specifically for vintage car bodies, for which we were granted a patent. Thanks to this unique rotation feature, the anti-corrosion coating is evenly applied and fully effective, and your vintage Mercedes-Benz car is reliably protected from corrosion. On a lifelong basis.

The Oldtimer-Ro-Dip process for vintage cars is available only as part of a complete restoration, since the process is possible and feasible only with a fully restored car body.